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When you first decide to change your way of thinking it can be very overwhelming, especially when you aren't even aware of what negative thoughts and beliefs you are currently holding on to. I know when I started really taking my subconscious reprogramming seriously, I used to get frustrated because it was like I was starting from scratch and didn't know where to begin. It made the journey a little frustrating to say the least, luckily, I had loads of unhealed trauma, so every time I was triggered, I would sit with the pain and inevitably trace it back to the trauma it stemmed from. With every trauma, a self-limiting belief came with it. The thing about beliefs is that they can be changed, even subconscious ones. 

This page is categorized by specific childhood wounds/self-limiting beliefs that you may be trying to heal from and reprogram. For every wound, there will be affirmations intended to heal from that wound and reprogram your subconscious mind from a positive perspective. If any of our products align with healing that specific wound, it will be listed under the corresponding category. Even if you are not able to purchase any of our products at this time, please feel free to use this page as much as you need while on your healing journey. We created it to help those who are trying to heal but don’t know how or where to start. We suffered alone so you won't have to. May this page provide more insight and clarity on what you need to heal from and give you the resources and tools needed to get you started on your journey.


Happiness can be defined as ‘good fortune; pleasure; contentment; joy.’ Personally, I define happiness as being glad to be alive. The reason that is my definition is because for the longest part of my life, I was not glad to be alive. In fact, I opted for death. I feel like when you are living a life void of any happiness, then it’s only logical to think the opposite of life might bring you some happiness. This is a flawed equation. The key to happiness is not death, it's to live life doing more of the things that make you happy. Every one of us has things that make us happy. Whether it’s reading, exercising, cooking, spending time with family, watching a movie, or even professional fighting, we all have things that put a smile on our face and we genuinely enjoy doing. When we find ourselves unhappy or even downright depressed, it’s important to take an inventory of how many things we do because they bring us joy and how many things we do out of obligation or fear. When your list for the latter outweighs your list for the former then you can expect feelings of misery and discontentment to start creeping in. 

Happiness Affirmations

I am happy. 

I am open to all the joy the world has to offer.

Everyday I do things that add to my happiness.

Happiness is my birthright and I utilize it daily.

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Safety can be defined as ‘the condition of being protected from or unlikely to cause danger, risk, or injury’. As someone with pretty severe anxiety, I think of safety as the absence of the feeling of impending doom. Before I healed and programmed my subconscious to feel safe at all times, I was on a constant state of danger and fear. No matter what I did I could not relax or feel comfortable for anything, Clearly my constant state of fear was caused from childhood traumas I hadn;t processed and healed from. As a child I never felt safe and it always felt like I was just waiting for the next person to come and hurt me. I hadn’t realized that I had internalized this feeling and it was what drove my subconscious until I started to do shadow work. When I found myself triggered feeling unsafe and uncomfortable I would sit with the feelings and ask where it stemmed from. Eventually it lead me to quite a few traumas that I clearly hadn’t healed from. The most transformative way I was able to heal and reprogram my subconscious mind to feel safe was by telling myself that I am an adult, I am no longer the helpless little girl being hurt praying for a savior, I am a grown, independent woman who is more than capable of keeping herself safe, also another realization that helped with my healing was the realization that as an adult I am in charge of who I let in my energy and I don’t associate with people that I have to doubt or second guess. It didn’t happen overnight but I did successfully heal and reprogram my subconscious to know that we are safe and have nothing to fear. If you find yourself constantly feeling unsafe and/or uncomfortable I hope these affirmations, as well as the products that broadcast these affirmations, can help you know that you are safe wherever you go regardless of what’s happened in your past. 

Safety Affirmations

I am safe.

There is no need to worry, all is well.

I am capable of solving any problem that comes my way.

I have the strength and discernment needed to keep myself safe. 

I take every breath with ease because I live a life of relief.

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Peace can be defined as ‘freedom from disturbance; tranquility’, for me personally I know I have peace when no external influence can interfere with my inner serenity. Case in point, let’s say I am late on my rent and don’t have the money or a concrete idea on how I am going to get it, if I am at peace then even in this situation I can stay peaceful and trust that everything is going to work out as it should.. If I am not in a state of peace and I am going through this situation then I am at the highest level of stress, constantly overthinking, staying up all night, and ultimately making myself sick which definitely won’t help the situation. The secret of attaining peace for me was detaching my emotions from any outcome. Basically, I am at peace because whatever happens I will accept because I know that it will all work out. When we are living in fear, stress or a lack-mindset, peace is virtually nonexistent. While he unknown can be ominous and frightening, when you know who you are and your capabilities you don’t get caught up in the unrest because you know that whatever comes your way you will make it through and you will come out better and stronger because of it.

Peace Affirmations

Peace lives within me.

I am at peace with the way things are.

I am fully capable of handling anything that comes my way.

Even when the outside is chaotic, my inner peace is unchanged.

Everyday I encounter things and experiences that foster my consistent inner peace.

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Love can be defined as ‘an intense feeling of deep affection:’ the image of fluttering butterflies in your stomach may come to mind, but that’s more of infatuation which can be temporary and fleeting. Love is deeper and more stable than just warm feelings that can pass over. For me love is the acceptance, embracement and appreciation for something or someone. In this day and age there seems to be a confusion for love with infatuation. Infatuation is fun and feels good and can make you put an idealized version of someone or something on a pedestal, but infatuation almost always has an expiration date because in the real-world perfection doesn’t exist, so when we create idealized version of people and things in out head we are setting ourselves up for disappointment because perfection is an expectation that nothing and nobody can meet. Love, on the other hand gives us the freedom to be ourselves without worrying about judgment or ostracisation. Love is knowing that someone isn’t perfect and still embracing, accepting and seeing the value in who they are. While so many of us are concerned about romantic love, self-love is the most important and is where the blueprint for all other loves is designed. Loving yourself is giving yourself grace in the face of your imperfections and seeing the value in yourself in spite of those imperfections. Someone who loves themselves doesn’t hold themselves to an impossible standard and they don’t punish themselves when that standard isn’t meant. Loving yourself is doing the things that bring you joy and leaving alone the things and people that bring you misery. When you love someone, you want the best for them. When you love yourself, you want the best for yourself and give yourself the freedom to go after it. A life void of self-love will manifest as toxic relationships, codependency, self-hatred and self-sabotage.

Love Affirmations

I accept myself as I am.

I am loved from the inside-out.

I love myself and live a life that fosters that love.

I respond to any situation that comes my way with love.

I am worthy just as I am. Flaws are a sign of humanity and I embrace them in myself and others.

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Strength can be defined as ‘the capacity of an object or substance to withstand great force or pressure’ Strength is a necessity to get through the adversities that occur in life, and the more you overcome the stronger you get, that goes for physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual strength. For physical strength I’m sure you know that you can go into the gym and start heavy lifting if that’s your focus. Emotional, mental and spiritual strength is developed through a different process. Emotional strength is built over time with every instance that felt overwhelming at the time, i.e. when your dog died when you were a kid and you thought you would never recover. At the time you had no point of reference to view the experience from so it felt like the end of the world, but if you’re reading this right now that means it was not the end of the world, and no matter how hard it was you made it through and are now emotionally stronger from the experience. Mental strength is the ability to navigate through overwhelming and challenging situations with confidence and clarity, i.e. when you lost your job and had no idea how you were going to pay your bills. In that situation it can be very easy to give into the feeling of defeat, put your head in the sand and wait for the sky to fall, however mental strength will dictate that instead of giving up, you get going with the confidence in knowing that you are fully capable of handling this situation and coming out the other side unphased. Spiritual strength is when even when everything in your 3D (tangible) reality is going against the vision you see for yourself, i.e. when you really want to be a singer but everyone around you tells you that your voice sucks and you should give up. That situation can be very soul crushing, it can be very easy to buy into the voices of others telling you that you’re not good enough to do something, but when that something is what keeps you going and makes you feel alive, you can’t give up. If something is your passion, if its something you’ve always dreamed of doing, it’s for a reason. There is a purpose for your passions, and sticking to your passions even when it seems hopeless takes a lot of spiritual strength. More times than not we have to show our commitment to our passion before we can see the results, but the results are always worth it and will always come when you stick it out and keep going. 

Strength Affirmations

I am strong.

My challenges strengthen me.

Even when the odds are against me, I will not back down.

I have yet to hit a rock bottom I couldn’t bounce back from.

I am grateful for all the experiences that have built up my emotional, mental and spiritual strength.

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