About Us

Inspiration Behind the Creation

Manithreadstations is a passion project that is near and dear to our hearts. While designing clothes has always been a dream of ours as a way to channel our creative energy, being able to combine our love of design with our love of spirituality and high frequencies is truly a dream come true. Deep in our healing and spiritual journey we started to take inventory of all the messages we were exposed to on a daily basis We had to change the music we listened to, the movies we watched, the repeating thoughts we had, and everything in between. When it came to our clothes though, we were disappointed to find out that many of the clothes we wore and brands we bought featured toxic low-vibrational messages that were causing us to relive old thought patterns that we were trying to deprogram from our minds. When we decided we wanted to purchase clothes that would help keep us in high vibes and empower our subconscious as opposed to discouraging it, we were shocked with the low almost non-existent offerings in the market. Sure we could find tee shirts with 'Love' or 'Happiness' on them but that was as deep as the empowerment went. We wanted clothes that reflected the affirmations we used and that could help us acquire the things we were manifesting, but that wasn't available to us. It donned on us, that we may not have been the only ones with this need and we wanted to be able to offer something that could help aid others in their manifestations and subconscious reprogramming, and thus Manithreadstations was born.